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Babe by Faberge Cologne 2 oz for Women

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Babe by Faberge is a timeless classic fragrance and has lured women since 1977. Babe cologne by Faberge is a composition of 118 different essences and is perfect for daily wear or special occasions. With its blend of floral and oriental notes, this fragrance exudes elegance and femininity. The top notes of aldehydes, chamomile, and lavender create a  refreshing and calming effect. The heart notes of Jasmine, rose, & ylang-ylang adds a touch of romance to the scent, while the base notes of musk, amber, & sandalwood bring warmth and depth. Babe cologne is a must-have for any woman's perfume collection. Order yours now.

Why choose Babe by Faberge?

  • A refreshing, oriental, and woody fragrance that makes you feel cool and confident.
  • Ideal for a variety of occasions.
  • A fragrance that has been widely accepted.
  • It's light, calming, and soothing.
  • The excellent blend of notes makes it long-lasting.
    Babe by Faberge Cologne 2 oz for Women - PERFUME